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 PHOTO: Brent Hardcastle

PHOTO: Brent Hardcastle

“I believe design is a point of contact, as well as a point of departure. It is a signifier and a motivator, that draws attention, guides a journey, and leaves an impression.”


RISE+REPEAT is an independently owned and operated image design studio, formed in Brooklyn, New York, and now based in Brisbane, Australia. My driving ambition is to create clear and attractive communication tools. The name represents the basic standard of rising above the level of a design problem in order to solve it, and then repeating, or reproducing, that success, by building upon each experience. I believe design should be a synergistic effort, which results in not only a fantastic product, but a fruitful relationship.

My design services on offer include logo design, visual identities, branding, business stationery, advertising aides (brochures, posters, postcards), and event materials (invitations, announcements, signage). I also love to draw, and currently accept commissions in pencil, charcoal, and inkwash.

Drop me a line, and we'll chat sometime!